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In 2016, after 25 successful years as an insurance and sales professional, DJ decided it was time to merge the practical with the pretty, and pursued a career in interior design. In 2019, A New View for Your Interiors opened its doors! DJ's business slogan, "Imagine the possibilities", reflects her believe that physical spaces can be both beautiful and functional, capture people's unique tastes and personalities, and even connect to special memories and experiences in their lives. Her main questions before a redesign, renovation, or construction project is; "How do you want this room to make you feel?"

Meet DJ

Deborah "DJ" Thomas, Principal Designer

DJ holds an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Interior Design. She also earned a Career Studies Certification as an Associate Designer, Kitchen & Bath Designer, and Green Design for Interiors. DJ believes that when all the elements of design come together, they play well together like a symphony. Let the Maestro of Design compose for you!

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